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So that your bond can be returned promptly and in full, please re-read your Tenancy Agreement and Entry Condition Report and ensure that you have complied with all your obligations. Following is a 2-page checklist that will assist you with all these requirements as well as a list of areas that will need to be cleaned to standard (As per the Entry Report).

NB: Keys must be in the office no later than close of business on the agreed vacating date or another full day’s rent will be charged.

  • Entire stove (including behind freestanding stove) griller, glass and drip trays to be clean. Cleaning residue to be removed.
  • Exhaust fans, range-hood and air-con filters to be clean.
  • Dishwasher to be cleaned inside and out. Filters to be left clean.
  • Air vents and ceiling fans to be dusted.
  • Windows, screens, door and window tracks and sills to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • All cupboards and drawers throughout the home are to be cleaned inside and out. Any grime or finger marks to be removed.
  • All personal items to be removed.
  • All scuff marks, finger prints etc to be removed from all walls.
  • All light fittings and shades are to be cleaned, bugs removed and all bulbs to be in working order.
  • All floors to be washed/mopped and all skirting boards to be cleaned and dusted.
  • All interior cobwebs are to be removed.
  • Exterior cobwebs in easy to reach places such as windows, pergolas etc to be removed.
  • Particular attention should be paid to toilets, bathrooms and bathroom cabinets. Shower recess, walls and screens to be scrubbed and free of residue, and grouting to be free of all soap residue, mould and mildew.
  • Basins, sinks, baths, tubs and toilets to be left clean and free of residue.
  • Patio and balcony areas to be left washed, clean and tidy
  • Driveways, garages, carports, and all concrete areas to be free from weeds, oil, grease, and stains and are to be hosed or swept out.
  • Washable curtains should be washed and tailored curtains thoroughly dusted.
  • Blinds to be taken down (if possible) and washed or dusted thoroughly
  • Light switches, power points etc must be cleaned and grubby marks removed.


This list will assist you to ensure you have done all that is required by the Residential Tenancies Act as well as to ensure you have attended to the ‘small details’ often neglected or overlooked by outgoing tenants;

  • Home has been cleaned to standard (see Cleaning Checklist for guide)
  • Carpets professionally steam cleaned and receipt provided
  • Lawns mowed and edged and gardens weeded
  • All garden rubble, clippings, dog faeces, cigarette butts etc have been disposed of
  • Wheelie bins are clean and empty and available for use by next occupant
  • Home has been sprayed for fleas (if applicable) and receipt provided. Please note if pets have at any time been kept at the premises this is mandatory
  • All keys and remote’s (including air-con remote’s) originally supplied and any additional copies returned by no later than close of business on agreed date of vacating
  • Mail has been redirected
  • Pool report (if applicable) has been provided
  • Instruction manuals supplied have been accounted for (returned or left on premises)
  • Electricity arranged to be disconnected
  • Telephone arranged to be disconnected
  • Foxtel (if applicable) arranged to be disconnected
  • Debit order/direct debit for payment of rent has been cancelled
  • Deposit book (if applicable) has been returned
  • Inventory items (if applicable) checked and placed in the original locations. This includes garden hoses, telephones etc.
  • Any accidental damage such as small holes to walls, screens etc. have been repaired.
  • Alarm code (if applicable) supplied to Supreme Property Management.
  • Forwarding address and contact telephone numbers (if different) have been provided to Supreme Property Management.

Download a Printable Version of This Checklist