Tenancy Application Form

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Completing your Application for Tenancy Form.

It is essential that each person over eighteen years of age, who will reside in the property, complete an Application for Tenancy form, even if the resident is not on the lease. The prospective tenant’s children need not be listed.

We require the following information to be supplied prior to processing an application:

Photographic ID (driver’s licence, over 18 card or passport)

Proof of last residential address – telephone / electricity accounts etc

Evidence of applicant’s income

Proposed start date and length of lease

Applicant’s Personal Information Consent:

(Bottom of back Page)

Print applicant’s name at top and sign & date at bottom.

An incomplete tenancy application cannot be processed.

Your references will be verified and the owner of the property will be consulted. As it may take some time to process your application due to the need to check your previous tenancy history, please allow us two full working days. We appreciate your patience.

If you are accepted we will be in contact with you to confirm the lease and will then arrange to have the General Tenancy Agreement signed. You will be required at this stage to complete the payment of the first two weeks rent, and bond monies (equal to four weeks rent) to secure the property.

We do not accept Bond Transfers.

The property will continue to be advertised and available for rent until the tenancy agreement is signed and the bond and first two weeks rent are paid.

Should your application be unsuccessful you will be advised.

Rent arrears

If you are late with your rental payments (over seven days) you will be issued with a Notice to Remedy Breach. You then have seven days to bring the existing arrears up to date including the advanced payment. If you fail to comply with this requirement you will be issued with a Notice to Leave. We are very strict with enforcing this policy.

Welcome to Supreme Property Management

We value our clients and wish you well in your new home. Our aim is to make your time as a tenant a pleasant and rewarding experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can swiftly attend to any problems that may arise.

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